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We have the best deals for students online. We have all the biggest international airlines so you can search for the cheapest flight deals and display them all in one place… It is that easy!

We search the leading Australian carriers and then display results from all the websites from cheapest to most expensive, how easy is that? No need to waste time looking at a multiple student travel websites, and you can be sure you are getting the best possible deal.

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Getting cash together when you are a student is HARD (unless you are fortunate enough to be living off Mummy and Daddy’s trust fund). Combining All those pesky Uni hours and incessant partying, doesn’t leave much time for a part time job.

At Really Cheap Flights we understand where you are coming from. We have lived it ourselves. That’s why our aim is to bring you all the best discount flight deals in one place, so you can book online quickly, confident in the knowledge that you are getting the maximum value for your hard earned cash. That way you can drive your travel dollar further once you arrive.

We know that living larger and flying cheaper, is even more important for students than for anyone else.

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Book Cheap International Flights Online at student rates with Really Cheap Flights. You will find the best deals from all major points of origin throughout Australia. If you are looking for some inspiration, try our continent pages to find the best student deals on international flights:

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Most Popular Destinations and Routes

Here are some of our most popular travel destinations and flight routes (leaving from Australia), check them out:

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