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We have gathered together all the best deals from all the biggest airlines to bring you the cheapest flight deals and display them all in one place… It is that easy!

We display the results from airlines sites in order, from cheapest to most expensive, how easy is that? No need to waste time looking at multiple travel websites, it’s all here in one place, so you can book online knowing you have the best possible deal.

Our Philosophy – Live Large Fly Cheap

At Really Cheap Flights Australia, we believe that your trips matter, that is why we aim to save you money on flights so you can have more cash when you reach your destinations. Our goal is to provide the best and cheapest online booking engine for your international airfares. We came up with the motto “Live Large, Fly Cheap” to encapsulate what we are all about, this is not just an empty slogan for us, but a philosophy that we live and travel by.

A wise man once said that “the journey was more important than the destination”, but when that journey is a 36-hour flight with two 3 hour layovers, we are not so sure. At Really Cheap Flights, we are travellers, we have travelled on a shoestring and we know that saving pennies on your transit means more cash to spend once you arrive at your destination.

Whether it is a backpacking odyssey through South America, a quick winter break to Bali or the big move to the UK for a working holiday, we will scour the Internet to find the best deal for you.

Book Discount International Flights Online

Book Cheap International Flights Online with Really Cheap Flights. You will find the best deals from all points of origin in Australia. If you are looking for some inspiration, try our continent pages to find the best deals on cheap international flights:

Student Flights

Being a student and travelling is never easy. Having a part time job and struggling to get by, living with mum and dad and wanting to break free, we have lived it, we know what you are going through.

That is why we understand that saving on flights can make all the difference to your holiday. With our student flights section you get the best prices from Australia’s leading airlines, so you can book online safe in the knowledge that you are getting the best possible value for money.

Last Minute Flights

Are you the spontaneous type? Ready to pick up and go at the drop of hat? At Really Cheap Flights we can cater for your needs at a great rate. Airlines often drop their prices for flights close to the date for flights that are not full to capacity, meaning savings are passed on to YOU.

We can provide you with the best deals on last minute flights to international destinations. Get your lastminute flights with us. We get together the world’s biggest airlines to offer you the best online deals, giving the best prices on spur of the moment airfares.

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